Collection: EVIL QUEEN

Evil Queen started as the most random idea - while founder Ida was driving in downtown L.A. she passed a flower shop with the name Basic Flowers and after laughing about the name said “basic flowers for the basic bitch in your life” and also thought she had to create something sassy and badass. And creating candles just came to her, because who isn’t obsessed with a good candle? 

Never having made a single candle in her life, Ida created this line of all natural soy candles with creative scents, like the best selling Can’t Adult Today that smells just like Fruit Loops or Exhale The Bullshit that is just the right mix of lemongrass and sage to chill tf out. 

Every season Ida comes up with the coolest candle scents and names them perfectly to fit the mood while all being vegan, non-toxic and each one is hand poured & burns at least 50 hours!