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Hey babes! It’s Andrea, and I’m the founder of The Obcessory. I wanted to tell you a little bit more about me and your new favorite place to OBCESS over!

I’ve always had an eye and love for fashion and style and influenced a lot of my peers too!  I worked at some of the leading companies in the game as top management and merchandiser. Not to long after I became co-founder/owner of one of Boston’s best boutiques with one of my best friends. While our main focus there was bringing in the best and most on trend styles in clothing & shoes, I wanted to dive into the extras; the jewelry and the accessories, the things that really make an outfit that much better!

I was always obsessed with jewelry, I think they’re the icing on the cake, even with one piece, your look completely changes.

To me, jewelry always has a story to tell about you and your outfit. Take just your favorite, ordinary, white tee and make it  edgy one day and sexy the next, with just a switch of a necklace or adding some rings and hoops (Yea, them big, ol’ hoops were my staple piece back in the day!). I would see countless pictures on Pinterest and Instagram and would say to myself “those are some cool ass accessories, but where can I get them?” Then thought to myself, “Hello Andrea, make a spot to find these pieces all in one spot!” After finding myself also saying I'm OBSESSED with this piece or that, I combined the words obsess + accessory together ...And babe, that’s basically the short version of how The Obcessory was born!

Can’t wait to see how you style your jewels and more! Make sure to tag #BeObcessed

xo. Andrea


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