Hey babes, that’s me, Andrea, owner/founder/buyer/content creator and more
of this little gem, The Obcessory. I wanted to tell you a little bit about me and
your favorite place to obcess over. 
Always with a love for style and creating looks since I was young, this was the only industry
I felt like I belonged in. I’ve worked in some of the leading fast fashion retailers as store
management and merchandisers and even co-owned a local boutique with one of my best
friends. Your girl loves a good outfit, but I can’t lie that it’s even better with jewelry and
I’ve always been super drawn to jewels because 1), my nana would always be drippin’ in
gold and I always loved that about her (fashion was something we always shared). 
2) I feel like jewelry just adds that cool factor or gives that confidence boost to someone,
like what a good pair of gold hoops does for me and 3) I love that certain pieces have a
story to tell to people.
I wanted to create a place where you could find and shop all those kinds of cool ass jewels
you see scrolling through instagram and searching through pinterest ( & even make some
of my own!). A place where everyone could find a little something no matter what your style
is; edgy, girly, romantic, boho, because those are all infused into my style too! 
So I have researched, connected and curated with the best brands all over the
world to bring to you under one little .com. You’ll find collections of
everyday, effortlessly easy to wear jewelry and accessories as well as small home decor
items and a very select collection of clothing that you’ll obsess over and make you
feel like you can take on the world. 
 Can’t wait for you all to #GetObcessed 
xoxo. Andrea


:: But Andrea, you spelt obsessed wrong :: Nope, you’ll hear me say ‘I’m Obsessed’
wit this or that; so I combined my obsession for fashion and style and
the word accessory and birthed The Obcessory ♥