The Perfect Presents

The Perfect Presents

Time is winding down and getting closer and closer to the Holidays! (& My birthday, its basically a Holiday right?) You might be freaking out what to get your best babes, your sister, your cousin, that girl down the hall, but The Obcessory got you covered with some no fail P E R F E C T   P R E S E N T S! 

With no more time to waste, here it is. . . .


WHY SHE NEEDS THEM: First off, who doesn't love candles? They literally always make the perfect gift for anyone. Plus these babies are all hand poured and hand made in small batches so you always get clean, long burning candles! Each JaxKelly Candle has small crystals that are revealed when burning is done, so it's like a double gift! The crystals manifest things like good vibes, luck, spiritual healing, love and more. The Mame Candles have these cool sayings on the front and when these are done, she can use them to store, elastics, bobby pins and other small things. See that Rose Gold Beauty? That makes an excellent candle holder again when that Champagne Pop is done burning or even a make up brush holder!  (YOU NEED THE CINNAMON, CLOVE AND FIREWOOD, ITS CHRISTMAS IN A JAR!!)


WHY SHE NEEDS THEM: Because who doesn't like to be warm and cuddly? For instant winter style wrap any of these scarves around you. 


WHY SHE NEEDS THEM: These Sunnies are the MOST WANTED & most loved of the Quay Collection. This collab with Desi Perkins is straight hot fire and they come in 6 different colors, so there's a color every girl will love and will match skin and hair perfectly! The oversized fit on these mirrored aviators make them a must have for that super stylish IT girl! But any of our sunnies that you give her, she'll love!


WHY SHE NEED IT:  For your girl on the go, this is a perfect go-to item she's gotta throw in her bag. It has dual mirrors (1 that is magnified!) plus a light PLUS it chargers her phone! I mean come on, could you stuff her stocking with something better? Oh did I mention it comes in 3 colors, matte black, silver and gold!


WHY SHE NEEDS IT: So she can show off her sign, of course! A dainty gold ring with cubic zirconia sparkling accents to shine like the stars! They make a perfect gift for a Secret Santa or a stocking stuffer.


WHY SHE NEEDS THEM: Only for the simple fact of the intense sparkle on these babies. They are hand picked and matched druzy stones in an assortment of colors that she's sure to love. Simple but stand out!


WHY SHE NEEDS IT: Because if she's a bad ass babe, she belongs in the Girlgang and this is the perfect way to show it off with the accessory she never leaves home with out! Plus with her Beauty Bank..she'll be ready to go!


WHY SHE NEEDS THEM: Chokers are the perfect accessory! Whether she likes something simple or a statement, there is something here at The Obcessory! With unique styles you'll be sure to find something she loves.


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