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So excited to bring this segment, The Babe Files,  to The Obcessory! You'll see real babes who I've come across and totally became obcessed with their style, vibe, personality or they just embody the whole Obcessory v i b e and then in turn they became #Obcessed too and friends! You'll see them do IG takeovers and follow along with their day and passions! I hope you enjoy these posts as much as I did putting them together! So let's get started ♡


Our first babe for the file is with @kattandblouse, if you know me, I love looking through IG and Pinterest for inspo in fashion, decor and aesthetics, so one day looking through posts with Quay tagged, I came across this pretty little thing, she was wearing a Gucci t-shirt dress and the Blue/Silver High Keys and was like "oh shit I really like this little 'fit", so I taped through to her IG and noticed her style was 🔥. So naturally I followed her and just kept seeing those same hot fire outfits that I came to love and get inspired by. We eventually started chatting back and forth through IG stories and DM's and she's just as nice and cool as her outfits, so here's our little interview and hope you come to love her too!


Hi Katt! I’m excited to share your story and style because let’s face it, #ImObcessed with it! I first came across your page when looking through tagged pictures for Quay, you were wearing High Keys with a Gucci Tee Dress and I was like Damn, I love this girls style! She’s a little street and a little sweet! So tell us a little bit about you!


OBC: How did you start your insta page? Did you always want it to be a fashion page? 

KATT: It was actually my boutique’s page, but when I closed my store, I decided to start a page where I showed my outfits! I have always been told that I have a unique style, so i figured “why not”.

OBC: Like I said before, I’m obcessed with your style, how would you describe it?

KATT: Honestly, I’d say it is diverse. One day I am in street wear, the next I am in cowgirl boots. I can also go from mom to bae in 2.5 seconds. (lol) ‹ TOLD YA!

OBC: Do you have someone or something that inspires how or what outfits you put together?

KATT: Kylie Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Kylie Jenner. She is GOALS. I could never pull off the things she does, but I love her style. I also just stick to what I like. Sometimes people tell me things are “weird” but I buy them and wear them anyway. ‹ SAME GIRL . IF YOU LIKE IT WEAR IT! 

OBC: Your little babe is so cute too! Does she have your sense of style and put her own outfits together?

If she could wear cowgirl boots everyday, she would! I think she is catching on that her mommy is into clothes! I let her dress herself on weekends and she loves it!



OBC: What is your favorite kind of item? (like jackets, crops, joggers?)

KATT: Shoes all the way. I have over 100 pair. (Don’t judge me) I just love how they can completely change an outfit!

OBC: What is your go to accessory?

KATT: Shades! Shades can cover up a tired  momma’s face and give your outfit the finishing touch!


OBC: Did you know that almost every brand on The Obcessory is designed and made by bad ass babes? Who is in your girl gang?

KATT: I did not know that! So cool! My girl gang would have to be Kaya, my mom, Karen, Steffani, Jherica, Giselle, Nicholle, and my aunt Pati! These girls have my whole heart!

OBC: You love to travel where is your #1 place to go? Where are you going to head to next?

KATT: I absolutely love Vegas! I always get the chance to wear my best outfits, eat great food, and win a lot of money! I love going to all the shows also! I actually got pulled up on stage by the Blue Man Group, and got to party with Scott Disick and his peeps!

I am not traveling for a while because I have surgery in two weeks, but I will be in Santa Fe in a few weeks on a quick trip, if that counts?! Hoping I will go some place nice for spring break though!




The soundtrack to my life is… Run-Addison Road

I can’t stop listening to.. On My Way to You-Cody Johnson

If I could raid someone’s closet it would be..Kylie Jenner

People are surprised to know this about me..I speak Spanish

If I had to eat one thing forever it would be.. Nachos

Never have I ever.. had braces

My spirit animal is.. I’d have to say a wolf

Go to lipstick color is.. nude/pink gloss

My superpower would be.. teleportation (I hate flying)

Favorite fashion trend… worst? Fav, designer sneakers. Worst, cold shoulder tops/sweaters, I literally cannot….

My first celebrity crush was.. USHER (LOL)

If you ever visit Hobbs, NM you need to.. eat at Mama E’s!

What are Your top top 4 faves from The Obcessory

Orb of the night ring


Outlaw hoops


Thanks so much for taking the time to do this Katt! Hope you babes have as much fun as I did, look for her takeover on instagram and follow her too! 




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