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Hello my loves and welcome back to the second babe files! This month I am featuring Sarah Lapierre the little beauty over at @_WithSarah. I think I first came across Sarah like a little over a year ago while looking through the explore page and saw a post of this girl with really pretty make up, clicked through and was like 'shit, her make up is so on point for like every day wear, oh she's got a youtube so I can do these looks, wait her wedding dress is stunning and OH DAMN she's from Boston too?' Loved it, followed her, became a fan and here we are today! I got to ask Sarah some questions so you can get to know her a little bit better if you don't already know who she is, and if you do, maybe you'll learn something knew about her! So let's get into it...


THE OBCESSORY (OBC): Hi Sarah! Thank you again for doing this interview and letting me feature you on the blog! I’m excited to share you with all my babes who might not know you yet. I LOVE the fact that you focus mostly on everyday make up looks that are totally wearable anywhere.  And from one Boston babe to another… let’s have some funnn!

For those that don’t know you, tell us a little bit about you, how old you are, where you grew up, ya know all the good stuff like that:

SARAH: My name is Sarah Lapierre (newly married, new last name ;)) and I’m 27, from Manchester, NH.  I’ve lived in the North End with my husband for the last 4 years and lived in Back Bay with my two best friends before that. I went to USC in South Carolina and am a proud Gamecock.

(no but seriously, how stunning are these deets?)

OBC: Clearly you are obsessed with make up...was that how your instagram/youtube channel originally started?

SARAH:  Yes! I’ve always loved makeup and beauty products. When I was working full time in marketing, I was working with bloggers and influencers and was completely inspired by them and decided to start my own! I quickly realized how much I love it and began pursuing this full time in January!

OBC: I know you recently left your job to focus on blogging and creating content, what advice would you give someone that wants to follow their passion?

SARAH: Go. For. It. I see so many people who are miserable in their jobs and do nothing about it. This is your life. I’m not saying quit your job and go rogue but if you want it enough, you’ll find a way to make it work. Hustle and work hard. There’s something to be said for people who put their head down and push as hard as they can to make their dreams come true.  

OBC: You usually take us through your day, so what is your morning routine like to get ready for the day?

SARAH: I also nanny part-time so I get up in the morning and get the kids off to school. Once I’m back home, I have my first (or second) cup of coffee, and start my day. If I have time in the morning I love to watch Kelly and Ryan (Kelly Ripa is my spirit animal) and catch up on emails. On a good day I’ll do a workout somewhere in there then shower, hair and makeup! I’ve usually planned out my day so I know if I need to film, edit, shoot content, write a blog post etc. It varies day to day depending on deadlines and what I’m trying to accomplish that week. If i’m just writing or editing I’ll head to a coffee shop to get work done and if I’m filming I do that in my apartment.

OBC: One of my favorite make up tips I actually learned from you! It’s the one where you get mascara on your eye or face and to take it off with a spooly once it dries, (literal life saver btw!). What was one of your favorite makeup tips you ever got or love to give?

SARAH: That one is such a life-saver!! I would say skin prep is my favorite tip. There’s nothing I like more than a clean, flawless canvas to apply foundation and concealer. So prepping your skin with serum, moisturizer, and primer before any of that is super important!,

OBC: You also just told us that you were changing your IG name to just WithSarah, so what can we expect to see?

SARAH: Yes! The re-brand is official. Content won’t be changing dramatically, I just wanted my handle to reflect what I’m already sharing. But this also allows me to expand my content outside of just beauty. I’m really hoping to pursue more travel blogging and content over the next year or two but you will always seen beauty content on my page!

OBC: You’re also big into traveling right? What was your absolute favorite place and your absolute least favorite?

SARAH: Absolutely! We went to Thailand on our honeymoon and immediately got the travel bug after that. We didn’t want to stop! Thailand was probably my favorite place - the people were so accommodating, peaceful and genuinely kind. The food was incredible and the views were insane. Least favorite place is much harder - I haven’t had a ton of bad travel experiences.

OBC: What’s something you really want to do that you haven’t done yet?

SARAH: I would love to work with a brand for sponsored travel content. Whether that be a hotel, airline, or tourism board. I really enjoy shooting sponsored content so being able to create while traveling would be a dream.

OBC: One trend you want to see come back?

SARAH: This one is tough, too! I love following trends and interpreting them in my own way. I love that the oversized, loose denim is coming back in! I’m over skin tight skinny jeans all the time.

OK! Answer these as fast as you can about things you can’t ever live without…

North End restaurant.. Locale. Best pizza ever.

Store.. Sephora.

Makeup pallet.. Morphe 3B.

Makeup brand.. Tarte.

Clothing brand.. Lulu’s - not really a brand but I shop their all the time.

Accessory.. Earrings.

Mask (for mask monday of course!).. Honeygirl Organics Rejuvenating Mask.

Cocktail.. Red wine - Josh Cab Sav is my fav.

Snack.. Popcorn.

Appetizer.. Cheese board.

And last one .. 3 Things you’re obsessed with at The Obcessory.. The Flow choker, ear cuffs, and alisara!


Thanks to Sarah for this interview! Don't miss her instagram takeover today too!

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