Meet The Obcessory!

Meet The Obcessory!

Hey Babes!

So I wanted you to get to know me and The Obcessory a little bit better! For the short version of the story, you can find it on the ABOUT page of the site. 

But for a little bit more about me and what The Obcessory really is about, keep reading...

👈 That's me, Andrea, Founder of this little site The Obcessory! (So you can put a face with name!) I stand at a whole 4'11" and have a hell of a lot of blonde hair. I worked in some of the leading fashion junior retailers as manager & merchandiser, then Co-Owned a local boutique with one of my life long friends.  I love to share my own style, a mix from edgy/street to boho to chic, ya know depending on my mood that day, and that's one of the reasons I started The Obcessory, so you can dive into my obcessions too! I love how just one (or 4) piece can change an outfit and how it can tell a story of your mood. 

A few more things about me is I'm a sucker for style, like I've said before I could literally stare at pictures of peoples style on Pinterest all day long . .I'm obsessed with my huge, crazy family & dogs of course, my more than supportive & creative friends, make up & beauty; coffee, pizza, pasta, oreos, and my bed, ya know the typical things 😉 

Ok Ok, Enough about me, but if you want to follow my journey, follow me on the 'gram @andrea_lyn

Now about The Obcessory! Just some some FAQ's so you can get to know the brand a little better!

What is The Obcessory?

The Obcessory is where you can find your favorite brands that you're obsessed with all in one place, whether it's for you, your lifestyle, your space or your babes. We carry jewelry from chokers and statement earrings all the way down to anklets; but that's not all, we carry home accents, candles and gift ideas from some of the hottest & on trend brands from the United States to Australia. 

Where did the name Obcessory come from?

It's simple, I always say I'm so obsessed with this piece or that piece and I wanted to sell accessories so I combined the two words and got OBCESSORY!

Why are items on your site expensive?

Well here's another simple answer, do you want your pieces to last? Or did you only want to get to wear the once or twice before they start looking different than when you first got them? We think you want them to last! All these goods are made out of some of the best materials and textiles so you get more use out them. (Make the most out of your jewels by following our CARE instructions)  Lots of these pieces are also handmade too!

What brands do you carry?

To name a few, Frasier Sterling, Quay Australia, Vanessa Mooney, 8 Other Reasons, Frankly My Dear & Minc Collections. A full list of brands will be up soon!

What are 'The Extras'?

Under the Extras tab you'll be able to shop other categories like, you guessed it, the extra accessories for your outfit or home. This includes stuff like clutches, hats, home accents, gift ideas and more. We try to keep everything as organized as we can for you :)

Have any other questions/suggestions for The Obcessory? Leave it in the comments below!

I can't wait for you all to #GetObcessed!


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