Last Minute Halloween Inspo

Last Minute Halloween Inspo

So Halloween is next week and if you're like me, you're like "Oh Shit!" And although Halloween is not my favorite holiday (for one I HATE being scared) I do admire an amazing costume. But again, if you're anything like me, Halloween is always last minute for me, just ask my mother, she would be sewing up a costume the night of because I didn't want a store bought one. I like to use things I already have or things I can wear again.

So here are a few make up ideas for you and some bad ass jewels for you to pair with them! (FYI I attempted some of these to have my own pictures on here, but they weren't as stunning as these, so I'll leave it for them!)


Halloween Clown Make Up  (via

This clown make up is pretty easy! This one I did attempt and I paired it with this Feather Choker from Fraiser Sterling and a matching feather hair scrunchie but used it as a bracelet. I also slipped into a striped Jumpsuit I had from Vamped Boutique

Halloween Clown Make Up  

Fortune Teller

The next one I fell in love with was this fortune teller make up! Halloween Fortune Teller Make up

Glitter, Gold and stars & moons how could you not love this. If you love this too, get creative with colors, throw a little or a lot of glitter in there and don't forget any of these jewels to finish off your look. You can double up the ear cuff and use one as a nose or septum ring too! 



Dark Witch

This little witch bitch is perfect for a last minute get up. Throw on anything black and lacey in your closet and then draw some inspo from this make up .

(Image via Pinterest)

This 8OR Choker is just the right fit for this costume or even these crescent earrings.


Skulls are a definite go-to for the Halloween holiday and what better way to be one then with your favorite sunglasses! Throw on your QuayxDesi High Keys to complete this look and slay the night. 

Skull Makeup with Quay High Key

Tryin' any of these looks yourself? Make sure to tag @TheObcessory on insta & tag #ObCessedWithHalloween 

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