How To Clean Your Gold Plated & Gold Filled Jewelry

How To Clean Your Gold Plated & Gold Filled Jewelry

So you've got some gold plated and gold filled jewels that you're absolutely obcessed with, but don't know how to keep them looking just as good as the day you got them? We got you babe! 

Gold plated & gold filled jewelry is a more affordable way to really style your looks everyday and make them your own and for special occasions & they actually come in more styles than solid gold, so you can have an ever growing jewelry collection, so we call that winning :). Without the right love, your pieces might have lost their original luster and sparkle, here's what to do 


✦ Glass or bowl of warm water
✦ Gentle, unscented dishwashing liquid - Dawn is our favorite
✦ Soft bristle toothbrush or spoolie
✦ Microfiber cloth
✦ Paper towel 


  1. Wipe it. Take your microfiber cloth and wipe down your jewels to get any surface level dirt, oil and fingerprints off.
  2. Mix it up. In a glass or bowl, mix your warm water and a squirt or two of your dishwashing liquid and stir it to mix.
  3. Drop it in. Place your pieces in your glass and let them sit for 5 to 10 minutes, this helps loosen the dirt and oils that the microfiber cloth couldn't remove. Use multiple bowls or glasses if you have a lot of pieces. You don't want your them to be too crowded, this could cause the jewelry to leave scratches on each other & we don't want that 😉
  4. Scrub it. Take your toothbrush or spoolie and gently scrub to get all the excess off. MAKE SURE you are using gentle bristles to again avoid any scratches. 
  5. Pat It. Take your paper towel or a dust free cloth to pat down and dry your jewels off.
  6. Wear It. That's it, you're ready to be sparkling again and drip in your jewels :) 

If your jewels have gemstones, opals, or pearls avoid submerging and letting them sit in the water, after you wipe down your jewels, take your spoolie or toothbrush dip it in your mixture and scrub the metal elements of your jewelry. 

Another fun tip, use seltzer water for pieces that have settings, the bubble help get under the setting and loosen and dirt where you can't get when scrubbing! 



Deep clean your jewels like the above about once every month.

✦ Wipe your jewels down daily with a microfiber jewelry cloth to remove daily oils and dirt 

✦ Even though most of our gold plated pieces and our gold filled jewels are water wearable, we don't suggest wearing them in pools, hot tubs, or even the salt water for long periods of time. The chemicals and salt can wear down the gold layer making it hard for them to get their sparkle back. 

✦ Let all your moisturizers and perfumes dry down on your skin before putting on your jewels to avoid the oils and liquids in them to break down the outer layer. 

✦ Store your jewels the right way. Keep your jewels separated to avoid tangling and scratching. Store them in the satin bags that we send your jewelry in or store in a jewelry box to avoid moisture getting to them. 


Don't want to read all that? Watch this quick video to sum it all up :) 



If you ever have questions, feel free to dm or email us - we're always here to help our babes out :) 

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