Welcome our newest brand, E V I L  Q U E E N  to The Obcessory fam!
If you haven't checked out these amazing candles, you need to do so like right now, ' cause I don't know what you are waiting for! These candles have a kick of sass and not only are they all hand poured; everything down to the labels and designs on them are hand written and drawn from founder and creator Ida.
 (say H I to Ida!)
Well I got the chance to get to know this babe, ask her a few questions and get behind the brand. I love her attitude and sass and know you will too! 


While driving through good old Downtown LA, Ida and her boyfriend came across a flower shop name 'basic flowers' (how original 😂) and she couldn't help but laugh...a lot...all while saying "BASIC FLOWERS, FOR THE BASIC BITCH IN YOUR LIFE" and just like that, she knew she wanted to create something equally sassy and funny and pretty much what we're all thinking! What's more fun than putting all that into a candle?
All because of that short story, EVIL QUEEN was born! Never had made a candle before, but working previously near a Bath & Body Works, Ida noticed how much people loved candles. She practiced and practiced pouring until she got it just right, coming up with names and mixing oils to bring them to life. Ultimately, to bring these fun candles to you, to burn around your house, office or space, to get for yourself or gift! 



  • All her candles are 100% soy wax! The soy wax she makes her candles with are all made with beans that are pure American grown. (Up until recently I didn't realize how terrible candles made from paraffin wax were for you, so I've def. made the switch to soy!)
  • They are 100% vegan, non toxic and made with cotton wicks.
  • Each candle is hand made by Ida and her bad ass team right in LALA land
  • Each candle should burn at least 50 hours, burn it right, and you'll get more time with your new favorite scent! (Another thing I didn't know until recently is that soy wax burns cleaner and longer than candles made out of that toxic stuff 😫, so yea, another reason to switch to soy!)



THE OBCESSORY (TO): Evil Queen, love the name, so how’d you come up with it? What does it mean?
IDA: I really wish I had a better answer for this question, but it was honestly serendipitous. I had the idea for Evil Queen well before I had the name. I was looking through an old notebook of mine where I had done a school project and named it “Evil Queen”.  I just kinda thought to myself, wow, that’s perfect, and rolled with it!
TO: You never made a candle before EQ, was it ever on your mind to make them, even for fun?
IDA: I had considered making travel inspired candles based on places I had visited (I was doing a lot of traveling at the time) but the idea never really went anywhere. I hadn’t ever made a candle “just for fun” and as much as I liked candles at the time, I wasn’t anywhere close to candle obsessed!
TO: What was the first scent you ever made?
IDA: Champagne showers! Well, the scent of that was the first one I made. The first label I ever came up with was Hangover Cure.
TO: Inspiration comes from EVERYWHERE, but where does yours come from?
IDA: A whole bunch of things! My friends, trends / memes I see online, Pinterest, my little sister. The list goes on and on. But honestly, most of the labels I just think of on the spot!
TO: What’s your favorite thing about running your own business? The worst thing?
IDA: Favorite thing: coming up with all the new labels + scents! All the creative development is super fun to me. Least favorite: accounting / taxes / legal stuff. Bleh.(SAME GIRL SAME!)


TO: If candles were never a thing, what would you do work instead?
IDA: I’d probably go back to freelance calligraphy and writing. Not sure I could make a living off it, but I’d try my best!

TO: Almost every brand on TO is run, made and/or designed by woman! So I’d say that’s pretty bad ass; who are your three girls you can’t live without?
IDA: That’s incredible! I have a group of three close girlfriends out here in Los Angeles that totally keep me sane. But also my mom and sister are my rocks! As for three female owned businesses I love, my fav boss babes who keep me sane are @nestingzone, @stylesocietyboutique and @grice_grove.

TO: What are words you live by?
IDA: If you don’t do it, someone else will.

TO: What’s next for EQ?
IDA: What isn’t?! Haha! But really, a lot of things. A monthly subscription service, a female empowerment line of candles, and a collection of higher end candles to start!


Thumbs Up or Down   👍👎

Coffee?  👍
Shots? Depends on the night, haha!
Tacos? 👍
Sundays? 👍
Reality TV? 👎!
Motorcycles? Riding them, thumbs 👎. Hot boys on motorcycles, thumbs 👍!
Books? 👍
In-store shopping? 👍
Oldies? 👍


My most awkward moment is .. Honestly, I try not to feel awkward about things and I tend to just laugh stuff off, so I can’t even think of one off the top of my head!

My girl crush is … Mila Kunis and Emma Watson!

The one show I can’t stop watching.. Currently, it’s Riverdale! WHY I love a teen show so much? Don’t know.

I’m currently so obsessed with .. Bell bottom comfy pants!

If I could eat one thing for the rest of my life it’d be ..  Mashed potatoes and salmon.

Three fun facts about me are ..  I dye my hair a different color every month! I love crime / mystery EVERYTHING. And I’m a huge Harry Potter fan

 today her hair is blue!

The top three things I’m obcessed with on
Zodiac rings
Five and Two jewelry
The Evil Queen Can’t Adult Today candle ;) (SAME!)


I had so much fun getting to know this babe better, can't wait to see what she has in store over the next year and what comes to The Obcessory!

Stay sassy with the EQ team and follow them on the gram @evilqueen and don't forget to follow us @theobcessory as they takeover our Instagram 2.8.18! 

Let us know if there's any questions you have for Ida or her team and we'll ask and update them here! 

See you next time on Babe Behind The Brand!

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