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Hey Babes.. I wanted to jump on hear real quick and let you know I have a little secret to tell you about your favorite accessory, SUNGLASSES! 

Did ya know these go-to-accessories actually do good for your health and beauty too? Well I got to catch up with Rosalba Martone, Director of education at Perricone MD, to find out some major reasons why: 

  1. They serve as protection from the the weather, especially the cold, dry air, the wind and other outside elements like snow and sand. 
  2. Sunglasses aren't just a summer thing. Sunglasses with UV Protection in them help protect from damaging UV rays and they are equally as strong in the Summer AND in the Winter. But actually UV rays can be worse in the winter because they reflect off the snow! 
  3. Wearing sunnies protects your eyes from: cataracts, premature aging to the sensitive skin around the eyes and keeps your vision at optimal health! 
  4. And finally because sunglasses are fun and stylish! Like the Jezabell in gold/smoke that she is currently OBCESSED with!


Quay Australia Jezabell Sunglasses

    So go ahead and grab those sunnies you've been eyeing and if anyone asks why you spend so much money on them..tell 'em, it's an investment! 



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